Independent self-guided travel is by no means a new phenomenon. Indeed, it is probably how the tourism started. Long before the package deals, all-inclusives and demonic cruisers, there had been intrepid independent travellers striving to enjoy, explore and discover foreign places at their own pace and on their own terms. And there were others who would LOVE to enjoy, explore and the rest – if only it wasn’t so damn hard to organise, so complicated and uncertain and foreign-speaking. Right?


Well, this is where self-guided cycling tours really offer the best of both worlds. Because, while you can choose how much terrain you wish to cover each day and pick where to stop and wonder and where to whizz through, you are by no means alone. The great appeal of self-guided cycling is that it puts at your disposal the expert local know-how and provides the ground support, but on your own terms.


When you arrive and are comfortably settled there will be a briefing with your Croatia Travel Co. representative at the hotel reception area where we will provide you with the package including a bike fit, hotel vouchers, maps and a road book – everything you need for a great cycling experience! Your day sheets also contain all the telephone numbers you might need, including a mobile number for your local contact. In case of a query or even an emergency you can call this number and get support you need 24/7. There is also the national emergency services number that you can call if the matter is serious or requires immediate attention.


We are talking villages, small towns and cities and even in the case of Split and Dubrovnik, your accommodation will always be at close proximity to your cycling starting point, whilst still at the centre of things, close to restaurants, cafés and sights. There are no unnecessary, lengthy transfers out of town before you even get on the saddle – eat your breakfast, pack your day bag and then it’s just tuck and roll all the way to your next stop. Unless you’re island hopping by boat or a seaplane, in which case we’re sure you won’t mind a bit of a wait!


The two great issues of independent cycling both fall to logistics – where to stay and how to get your stuff from A to B while you’re scooting ‘round the rolling hills, enjoying the scenery and sampling local fare? Well, we have them both covered. Your accommodation will be booked and ready as you arrive and your fine equipment and spare socks will be at your next destination before you do. Croatia is an ideal setting for such a holiday – its terrain is wonderfully varied and sights are many and often. Also, its pocket-sized areas insure the distances between your destinations and goals on route are relatively short so the luggage transfers are organised easily and quickly – sometimes even by a taxi.


The routes we choose are all carefully selected and graded for all levels of fitness and experience. Everyone’s got to start somewhere and if you’re with the family or have never braved exploring another country in this way you can choose one of our Easy graded tours. For those who are experienced riders and in search of greater challenges we deliver challenging routes filled with steep climbs, thrilling descents and a mountain pass or two. Likewise, our bikes (should you not wish to bring your own) range from MTB bikes to road bikes and hybrid bikes, and we hope to incorporate e-bikes for the next season as well – so, different things for different tastes is all you need to know. We can also build you a bespoke self-guided cycling tour that will fit you as well as your shorts. Every experience includes good rides, delectable food and wine, beautiful people and awe-inspiring vistas. Culture unavoidable, good weather all but guaranteed.

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