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Ever imagined visiting the legendary Croatian cities of Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar and Poreč and being able to reach to the ancient Greek and Roman civilisations that built their famed city walls, churches and palaces? Well, now you can! With the use of a Virtual Reality headset, visitors can observe their on-site surroundings as they were 2000 years ago. This is an innovative and unique way to discover the heritage of Croatia – your senses immersed in colours, shapes and textures of the worlds that have long since ceased to exist. So, how did we do this Virtual Reality Experience in Croatia?

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A great opportunity to grow and learn from the past.

This year we have signed a contract with the VR industry specialists Lithodomos and it was with the expert help from their team that from May 2018 we’ll been able to deliver the amazing virtual reality content to be viewed by visitors on-site, as part of our tours of Poreč, Split, Dubrovnik and Hvar’s Old Town (Stari grad). We chose these locations specifically for their immense Greek and Roman heritage. For these are the cities that have been shaped and defined by the Greek and Roman empires, whose master builders created those defining features that we are still so eager to see and try so hard to preserve.

Through their painstaking research, Lithodomos’ archaeologists and artists have recreated the ancient Dubrovnik city walls, Split’s Diocletian’s Palace and churches and plazas of Poreč and Hvar to an incredibly realistic detail that is presented in 3D Virtual Reality with the use of cutting age software and modelling techniques, especially for the Croatia Travel Co. VR Experience

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In Split, we have developed four vantage points from which you can observe the city as it looks now, then within seconds time-travel to its 2000-year-old past. Virtual Reality experience of the Hvar’s Old Town has its own wow-factor. It is the oldest city in Croatia and one of the oldest in Europe and recreating it in its ancient glory is sure to become one of the highlights of your cycling, sailing or family holiday in Croatia. Well, that and standing in a bright yellow T-shirt, wearing a piece of sci-fi headgear!

As part of our mission, we plan to share this fantastic resource with as many people as possible. In that spirit, we will be making it available to the Split Tourist Boards to use at the leading global travel events, such as the World Travel Market in London, where everyone who visits their stand will be able to immerse themselves in the Split’s ancient past. Likewise, the schools in Croatia will be using this incredible educational resource both on-site and in class.

There is no time like now to discover the future of travelling through past with our Croatia VR Experience Book now to join us on these innovative Croatian tours.

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