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The Grand Tour  (13 Days – 12 Nights)


You will be met at the airport or in a designated place chosen by yourselves, and then we will take you to your hotel in the city of Zagreb. Once you are settled in to your hotel, our guide will explain the details of the program, to then visit the surroundings of the hotel and the marvellous gardens of the city.
We will end the day having dinner in a typical city restaurant.

Accommodation: 5* Hotel in Zagreb

Meals: Dinner

Activity: Walk around Zagreb and welcoming dinner

Transfer time: Depending on the location of the meeting point. 30 mins. from the airport.


In the morning we will go the town centre for a guided tour. We will cover the “lower area” of the city, specially its gardens known as “Green Horseshoe” created at the end of the 19th century. Next we will see the most renown buildings like the National Theatre, the Artisan Museum and the University. Afterwards we will walk to the “upper area”, Kaptol (capitol), The Saint Stephen Cathedral and the market “Dolac”. Then we will visit the medieval city of Gradec, where the Saint Mark is situated with its multicolour roof, the baroque church of Saint Katherine, the Parliament and The Government Palace. We will also visit the City Museum and lastly the main square of “Ban Jelačić“.

Accommodation: 5* Hotel in Zagreb

Meals: Breakfast, lunch

Activity: City tour around Zagreb

Transfer time: None


In the morning we will leave for Opatija. During the journey we will be able to observe the mountainous area of Gorski Kotar, until we reach the coast, where we will see the Gulf of Cuarnero with the biggest islands of the Adriatic; Cres and Krk. At the end of the trip we will arrive at the Istria Peninsula, where the town of Opatija is located, known as the “cradle of Croatian tourism” due to the touristic activity that started at the end of the 19th century and that is the main source for the Croatian economy. The “Peal of the Adriatic” as it is known, with the church and the tower at the top near the sea, can be seen from both sides. The old town of the “Croatian Venice”, was once an island and now is connected to the mainland. Its traditional boats “batana” plus fish, paired with malvasia at the restaurants will complete the perfect day.

Accommodation: 4* Hotel in Rovinj

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Activity: walk around Opatija and Rovinj.

Transfer time: 3 hours


After breakfast we will visit the city of Pula. The biggest city of Istria, still preserve an excellent historic architecture of the Roman era. Its amphitheatre, the triumph arch and the Augustan temple will make it a very interesting tour. We will continue our trip to the village of Fažana, only 20 minutes away form Pula, from where we will take a boat to the Brioni National Park, summer holiday destination of Marshal Tito. The archipelago of Brioni, encompasses a group of 14 islands of exceptional beauty. Brioni was declared National Park in 1984. A safari tour on the touristic train will take us around the park. An expert guide of the area will show us the remains of the Byzantine fortress, the photo exposition of “Tito in Brioni”, the Archaeological Museum and the Church of Saint Germain.
Upon finishing the visit, we will continue to the city of Rovinj where we will able to rest and regain some energy for the following day.

Accommodation: Hotel 4* en Rovinj

Meals: Breakfast, lunch

Activity: City tour around Pula and visit to the National Park of Brioni

Transfer time: 4 hours


In the morning we will leave for the Plitvice National Park, World Heritage Site since 1979. It covers an area of 30,000 Ha. and has 16 lakes connected through 90 waterfalls, all decorated with an exuberant vegetation of beech and fir trees. It has one of the most diverse fauna and flora in Croatia and it is the habitat for a great variety of butterfly, fish, birds, bear, deer and hog. We will have the whole afternoon with plenty time to enjoy this wonderful place, to then rest at the hotel near the park.

Accommodation: 3* Hotel in Plitvice

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Activity: visit to Plitvice National Park

Transfer time: 3 hours


In the morning, we will travel to Zadar, founded during the 2nd Century A.C. during the Roman Empire. The city still preserves the layout and architecture of that period. During the medieval era it was a wall city and it acquired Romanic and Gothic architecture. Of all the impressive churches, The Saint Donato (9th Century) and the Saint Anastasia (12th Century) are the highlights. Also there are some amazing modern attractions like the “Organ Sea” and the “Sun Salutation”. During a few centuries, Zadar, was the capital of Dalmatia. During the Second World War and the Patriotic War the city was heavily damaged.

In the afternoon will carry on to the town of Trogir. The city was founded by the greeks during the 4th century B.C. The old town of the city is part of the World Heritage Site and it is one most beautiful concentrated areas of Romanic-Gothic style in Europe, as well as, one of the favourite destination for tourists.
Once we have seen the magnificent city of Trogir, we will continue to our final destination of the day, Split, capital of Dalmatia. You will have the rest of the day to enjoy this great city and to rest for the following day.

Accommodation: 5* Hotel in Split

Meals: Breakfast, lunch

Activity: City tour of Zadar and Trogir.

Transfer time: 4 hours


During the morning we will make a tour of the city of Split. This city was born from the desire of the Roman Emperor Diocletian who spent the last years of his life in his homeland. Split not only draws attention to the old town which mixes Roman grandeur, the Venetian elegance and simplicity Slavic, but also the best example of the Yugoslav architecture. But what catches your eye is probably its inhabitants, happy, relaxed, simple and communicative, who enjoy the charms of his city, especially a delicious coffee in Riva.
We will visit the Diocletian’s Palace, the Cathedral of San Damiano and Gallery – Museum Dalmatian of sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, the most famous artist of the first half of 20th century in Yugoslavia.

Accommodation: Hotel 5* en Split

Meals: Breakfast

Activity: City tour Split

Transfer time: 20 minutes


Morning departure by boat to the island of Brač, home to many of the families who came to America. Brač is the third largest island of the Croatian Adriatic, with almost 400 km2. It is known for its limestone quarry in the town of Pušćiče, which has built all of Dalmatia, Croatia and some monuments in Europe. In Brač is Croatia’s most famous beach, Bol beach, perfect for lunch something light, taste typical dishes of the island and then continue the march. Most interesting to the diaspora, is that from this island began in mid-nineteenth century the Dalmatian emigration to South America (Patagonia). Event known as “emigration hunger”, over 70% of the population, left his country to try their luck in the new world.

Accommodation: 4* Hotel in Bol (Brač)

Meals:: Breakfast, lunch

Activity: City tour of Brač and typical food samples.

Transfer time: 2 hours of navigation


Morning visit, towns of Hvar and then you will have the day to visit family (if you have them on Brač) or relax in the hotel and enjoy the beach in Bol.

Accommodation:  4*  Hotel in Bol (Brač)

Meals: Breakfast

Activity: Visit Villages of Brač

Transfer time: 1 hour



Morning departure to the city of Dubrovnik. Makarska Riviera, reaching the city of the same name, one of the most important tourist points of Dalmatia. Continue the journey to the town of Neum, Bosnia, the only coastal city in this country and we must cross to continue on to Dubrovnik, where we arrive at sunset.

Once in the hotel, we can go on our own to see the old town.
Accommodation: Hotel 5* Hotel in Dubrovnik

Meals: Breakfast, lunch

Activity: Visit the city of Makarska

Transfer time: 5 hours



In the morning we will take a tour around the city. Known as the “Republic of Ragusa,” the story of Dubrovnik begins in the seventh century and like other Dalmatian cities was influenced by different cultures in the early centuries, but in the late Middle Ages, reaching such a political development and especially strong diplomatic skills that achieves some important agreements and administrative independence, which allowed them to keep the peace for many centuries. As a result of the invasions, fires and earthquakes in particular, the appearance of the city was changing over time. Today we see a baroque style architecture, some of the Gothic – Renaissance and of course their stunning and beautiful walls.

In the afternoon we will have the opportunity to go shopping and we will gather in the evening to attend a folkloric presentation and dinner together one last time.

Accommodation.  5* Hotel in Dubrovnik

Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Activity: Dubrovnik  City tour

Transfer time: 20 minutes



Free day, we can enjoy the charm of Dubrovnik or make excursions to nearby islands, to Mostar in Bosnia or Kotor in Montenegro.

Accommodation:  5* Hotel en Dubrovnik

Meals: Breakfast

Activity:  Upon your choice

Transfer time: 20 minutes



After breakfast we get the transfer to Dubrovnik airport or agreed end point to finish our “Grand Tour”.

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