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The Art of Nature in National Parks (8 Days – 7 Nights)


You will be met at the airport or in a designated place chosen by yourselves, and then we will take you to your hotel in the city of Zagreb. Once you are settled in to your hotel, our guide will explain the details of the program, to then visit the park of Maksimir (the highest expression of respect for the Green spaces of croatian culture). Maksimir is the equivalent to Bois de Boulogne in Paris, Tiergarten in Berlin or Regents Park in London; being highly regarded across the country. The park was originally built on the outskirts of Zagreb between the end of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century. Nowadays it is completely surrounded by the city. Regardless of its relatively small size, 316 Hectares, it is still a refuge for many species of plants and animals. In Maksimir there are more than a hundred different species of birds, significantly the woodpecker (dedrocopos medius) which is a endangered specie in Europe. We will end the day having dinner in a typical city restaurant.

Accommodation:  4 star hotel in Zagreb

Meals:  Dinner

Activity:  Visit to the Maksimir Park

Travel time:  Depending on the location of the meeting point. 30 mins. from the airport.


After breakfast, we will travel to the region of Istria, a 3-hour trip that will take us to the village of Fazana, from where we will take a boat to the Brioni National Park, summer holiday destination of Marshal Tito. The archipelago of Brioni, encompasses a group of 14 islands of exceptional beauty. Brioni was declared National Park in 1984. A safari tour on the touristic train will take us around the park. An expert guide of the area will show us the remains of the Byzantine fortress, the photo exposition of “Tito in Brioni”, the Archaeological Museum and the Church of Saint Germain.

Upon finishing the visit, we will continue to the city of Rovinj where we will enjoy its enchanting streets and magical spots.

Accommodation:  4 star hotel in Rovinj

Meals:  Breakfast, lunch

Activity:  visit to the National Park of Brioni

Travel time:  4 hours.


Today we will visit our second National Park, the Risnjak National Park, a mountainous woodland north of Rijeka. Due to its location between the Alps and the Dinaric Alps, nearly all the different woodlands, many species of plants and animals can be found  in this relatively small area, including the brown bear, the lynx, deer and eagles.

Once we finished our visit, we will continue to the city of Zadar, founded during the 2nd Century A.C. during the Roman Empire. The city still preserves the layout and architecture of that period. Of all the impressive churches, The Saint Donato (9th Century) and the Saint Anastasia (12th Century) are the highlights. Also there are some amazing modern attractions like the “Organ Sea” and the “Sun Salutation”. During a few centuries, Zadar, was the capital of Dalmatia. During the Second World War and the Patriotic War the city was heavily damaged.

Accommodation:  3* hotel in Zadar

Meals:  Breakfast, lunch

Activity:  visit to Risnjak National Park

Travel time:  5 hours.


After breakfast, we will travel to the third national park, Paklenica National Park, south of Velebit and the biggest mountain range of Croatia. Two impressive canyons, Velika and Mala Paklenica, cut vertically the mountain from the sea to the summits, and are the main attractions of the park. We will find unusual karst forms, various caves and highly diverse flora and fauna.

We will return to the city of Zadar to rest and experience its lovely evenings.

Accommodation:  3* hotel in Zadar

Meals:  Breakfast, lunch

Activity:  visit to Paklenica National Park

Travel time:  1 hour.


After breakfast we will enjoy a full day of sailing at the Kornati National Park, our fourth national park. Kornati is a very special archipelago in the Adriatic Sea, situated between the islands Žirje, Dugi and Pašman. It bears the name of the biggest island, Kornat, that represent 64% of the total area of the Kornati Archipelago. Within the 152 islands of the Kornati Archipelago, 89 of them are specially protected and are in the process to became a World Heritage Site. We will have lunch in the Bay of Mir, from where we will walk along the salt lake to explore the sand banks and climb up to the cliffs.

We will return to the city of Zadar to rest and experience its lovely evenings.

Accommodation:  3* hotel in Zadar

Meals:  Breakfast, lunch

Activity:  visit to Kornati National Park

Travel time:  5 mins. (from the hotel to the port of Zadar)


Our destination today will be Krka River, the most beautiful river in Croatia. It occupies the area between Knin and Skradin, and will our fifth national park. It is located along the bottom middle part of the Krka, in the centre of Dalmtia and a few kilometres away northwest to the city of Šibenik. The park was created to protect the river Krka and it is mainly dedicated to scientific, cultural, educational, entertainment and touristic activities. Declared in 1985, it is the seventh national park of Croatia. The main attractions are its deeply etched canyons of porous stone, its waterfalls Skradinski Buk and Roski Slap, the Visovac Lake and the monastery. Upon finishing the visit will continue are journey to the city of Šibenik, a special corner of Croatia worth visiting. We will come return to city of Zadar to rest.

Accommodation:  3* hotel in Zadar

Meals:  Breakfast, lunch

Activity:  Visit to Krka National Park and Šibenik.

Travel time:  2 hours


After breakfast, we will travel to the third national park, Plitvice National Park, the Natural Jewel of Croatia. The lakes of Plitvice are considered one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in the world. Its sixteen lakes, connected through waterfalls, are a breath-taking display. The Plitvice lakes were declared National Park in 1949 and are included as one of World Heritage Sites. The duration of this tour today will be 6 hours, where we will see this wonderful place, guided by our local expert. After covering a large area of the park, we will board a boat to cross it, where we will continue walking to the train that will take us to the exit.

Tonight we will stay at Plitvice, where we will have our farewell dinner.

Accommodation:  3* hotel in Plitvice

Meals:  Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Activity:  Visit to Plitvice National Park

Travel time: 2 hours


After breakfast we will be transferred you to Zagreb Airport or to the agreed location and say our farewells.

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