Elaphiti Islands

Sitting comfortably west from Dubrovnik, Elaphiti archipelago affords a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of one of Croatia’s busiest coastal towns. It consists of a number of islands, the three largest ones being Koločep, Lopud and Šipan.

Šipan is the largest and furthest away from Dubrovnik. A popular mooring spot for sailing yachts, apart from array of beaches and coves to swim and sunbath in, it offers many points of interest away from the coast. Its chapels, churches and a monastery, as well as a gorgeous landscape, can be best explored by bike or on foot.

Lopud is arguably the most developed of the islands and has a choice of local restaurants, cafes and nightlife, as well as great opportunities for hiking and cycling. A perfect way to visit many small churches and a fort located at the high point of the island affording magnificent views of Elaphiti and of Mljet.

Koločep, locally known as Kalamota, is snorkelling magic and kayaking heaven. Its many coves and beaches accessible from the sea only are a privilege for those who come to the island by boat.

For those seeking peace and quiet, there is no better way than visiting few of the smaller islands. Tajan, Jakljan and Olipa islands are uninhibited and accessible from the sea only, and even then only by a small boat or kayak. If seclusion is your thing, then these beaches will make your day. Unspoiled, clean, magnificent nature in all its glory.

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