Croatia the new destination for the avid cyclist

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Croatia the new destination for the avid cyclist

Ever wonder how the roads are in Croatia?

Are you tired of the same old roads or crowded destinations?

Here is Croatia, the new destination for avid cyclists. Croatia has become one of the best riding countries in Europe, weather is great, and the roads are as challenging if you select the right ones, we have bike-friendly routes and towns with lots of services for you to have the perfect ride. You can experience «Training Camps» or easy rides, we have covered all the needs you may have. Of course here at Croatia Travel Co. we love riding bikes, we are cyclists and understand what you expect on a regular day, but we have not forgotten the best food & wines Croatia has to offer.

Discover with us towns like Dubrovnik, Split or great islands like Korcula, Hvar, and Brac, get the best of Biokovo’s Highest Peak at the altitude of 1.783 meters with spectacular views of the Coastline and all the islands you have cycled through.

So if you are an avid cyclist we have the right tour for you. Croatia has a lot to offer to cyclists, we have modern bikes and perfect hotels for your rest.

We have recently experienced the Tour of Croatia with 5 stages – 5 days and 840 km. (you can see more here: tour of croatia)

Contact us if you need more info we are looking forward to having you riding along these great roads.

Check our tours and Elevation profiles for each day:

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