It’s that time of the year again. We’ve not even finished raiding the kids’ trick-or-treat sweetie bags and the shops have already shoved us into winter with their Christmas songs and lights and tinsel. With five weeks until Christmas, it’s too early to buy presents and too dark at 5pm to do, well, anything. Apart from homework, housework and having a glass of wine (once it’s dark outside it’s perfectly legitimate!). Or, in a road cycle-speak, it’s too early to plan that winter cycling camp and too late to catch a spot of cycling in the sunset, the sunset having happened well before we’ve even changed from our work clothes. So, what better time than this to say hello and take a look back on all we’ve achieved in 2015 so far.



London To Paris Bike Challenge

This year has brought us many changes, much excitement and a great deal of pleasure. We’ve added some great road cycling and regular tours to our portfolio, extended our travel tours operation to Montenegro and Turkey and proudly took part in the London-Paris cycling tour known as “the professional event for amateurs” and hailed as one of the world’s top 25 participation events by The Daily Telegraph alongside the London and NY marathons. We’ve also flown by a seaplane and hosted travellers and cycling enthusiasts from as far as South-America. Our tours now include a Grand Tour that covers the breadth of Croatia, from Zagreb to Split and Dubrovnik via the splendid mountainous region of Gorski Kotar, Plitvice and Istria, two gourmet tours in Istria and Dalmatia, a family tour comprising kayaking, bird watching and a high ropes course among other stuff and a tour of national parks that are undoubtedly one of Croatia’s biggest assets.


Another major development and a great news for the lovers of cycling adventures abroad is our new range of self-guided tours. With the ever-growing numbers of budget airlines flying into Croatia there are numerous places for you to begin your road cycling adventure and we can provide as much or as little assistance as you wish. With the help of our experienced suppliers in Istria and Dalmatia, we can organise your hotel accommodation for the duration of your trip, so once you land with your trusty steed in tow you may continue straight to your lodgings. We will supply you with maps and routes and provide technical support during your journey. As you pedal and jaunt from place to place your equipment and luggage will be forwarded to your next destination, so that you may have as care-free experience as possible while you’re touring Croatia.


And last but not least – we are hugely exited to offer transfers by European Coastal Lines seaplane. It flies between a number of destinations in Italy, Istria and Dalmatia and, besides being the most efficient and quick mode of transport, it offers a truly unique view of Croatia from above.

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Transfer with the best view

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In our next blog, read all about our newest range of self-guided cycle tours, plus some travel info on the new routes to get to Croatia by air. Until then, keep the rubber on the road and watch this space for more exciting stories!

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