Elaphiti Islands Sitting comfortably west from Dubrovnik, Elaphiti archipelago affords a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of one of Croatia’s busiest coastal towns. It consists of a number of islands, the three largest ones being Koločep, Lopud and Šipan. Šipan is the largest and furthest away from Dubrovnik. A popular mooring spot for


I was thirteen when my father took me on a month-long sailing tour Croatia along the central and southern parts of the Dalmatian coast. As the novelty of sleeping at sea wore off, my enthusiasm vanned despite picturesque vistas and secluded mooring spots. An inbetweener stuck with a bunch of old thirty-somethings and their kids,


You’ve got the beach, the sun and the sunsets – there’s nothing left for the kids to complain about, right? Err, no. Soon enough there’ll be whines to the effect of “I’m bored and I’ll make sure you know it. And you will never, ever finish that book you’re reading”. So, before you make that


An environment without cars is a true rarity in the world where noise and pollution have become part and parcel of modern life. And for those of us who love walking and cycling but prefer warm showers to icy wells and electricity to petrol lamps, it is a great compromise between present and the past.


Sitting pretty at the border of Istria and Kvarner regions, Opatija is deemed something of a grand dame of the Croatian tourism. Its allure was much-admired in the 19th century when it was the premier Austro Hungarian winter resort destination. It still comprises all its former Hapsburg charm, full of dainty floral neo gothic residences,

Hvar Island, Croatia Hidden Gem

Most of the times you know places because some friends have already gone and talk during months of the great adventure they had. Sometimes you discover by yourself searching and searching, and sometimes you just get lucky to find this post about Hvar, one of the most Hidden Gems of Croatia.   Here our friends

ATTA Interview: Croatia Can Be High-Quality Adventure Tourism Destination

The ATTA’s Development Lead for Europe, Gergana Nikolova, was in Croatia earlier this summer, to experience the country’s adventure offerings. She shared her first impressions with the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies. This interview was originally published on the official web site of Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA) and is reprinted here with permission. Gergana: As part of

Istria Granfondo 10-11-2015

Istria Granfondo had become one of the most beautiful coastline Granfondo cycling marathon with all kind of levels. With Croatia Travel Co. you can find tours that go through the same routes and if you want to come and participate we will fix your entry. Istria Granfondo had routes for families and for 10 levels

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Road Cycling in Croatia is good for your health

It’s been a long winter for our writers and bikers alike. And although the season of cold weather and sparse sunlight is with us for another month, there’s been a scent about for the last few days that’s put the spring in our step and wind behind our pedals. This is a time to replenish

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