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Ranked just below Tour de France and Giro d'Italia, the success of 2015 Tour of Croatia was a triumph of will and determination for its spiritus movens Vladimir Miholjević and his business partner Ivan Crnić. In one swift move they steered Croatia into the arena of top world cycling events and showcased some of its

Hvar Island, Croatia Hidden Gem

Most of the times you know places because some friends have already gone and talk during months of the great adventure they had. Sometimes you discover by yourself searching and searching, and sometimes you just get lucky to find this post about Hvar, one of the most Hidden Gems of Croatia.   Here our friends

Tour of Croatia 2015

Stage 2 Šibenik to Zadar Check the video here If you want to now better of this Beautiful City come with us, Croatia Travel Co. and will show you the best roads and this final Ending of Stage in Split. part of our Bike Camp in Dalmatia

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Istria Bike Friendly Towns Tour

He we show you a little video where you can see how "Bike Friendly" are the towns of Istria, you can discover with us check them here.

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Istria Granfondo 10-11-2015

Istria Granfondo had become one of the most beautiful coastline Granfondo cycling marathon with all kind of levels. With Croatia Travel Co. you can find tours that go through the same routes and if you want to come and participate we will fix your entry. Istria Granfondo had routes for families and for 10 levels

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Road Cycling in Croatia is good for your health

It’s been a long winter for our writers and bikers alike. And although the season of cold weather and sparse sunlight is with us for another month, there’s been a scent about for the last few days that’s put the spring in our step and wind behind our pedals. This is a time to replenish

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Our winter cycling tour just got warmer

FROM PELJEŠAC TO KORČULA This next step of Dalmatia Bike Tour takes us to the Island of Korčula (pronounced Cor-chew-la). Cycling here in winter is a real treat, for it is blessed with balmy weather and plenty of sunshine all year round.   It is not by accident that we bring you to Korčula –

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THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER – Winter cycling tours in Croatia’s warmer climate

As cold, damp winter sets on northern hemisphere, road cycling fans everywhere will welcome sunny dry conditions and gorgeous vistas that add enjoyment and pleasure to the experience of cycling.   For those who are ready to take a leap and spin the wheel abroad, Croatia offers exciting opportunities. Divided between alpine, continental and Mediterranean

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