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There’s a great advantage in being both the consumer and the service provider. All of us at Croatia Travel Co. are avid travellers and cyclists with many years of experience at both ends of the spectrum. We trained, raced, sweated and jammed all over the South America and Europe and know what makes a great trip. Most of all, we know a great country when we see one.

When by a lucky chance we came to Croatia, we immediately knew that its climate, terrain and gorgeous people would make it one of the best destinations for travel and cycling alike. Having already been successful at running a travel tours operation in Chile, we bit the bullet and created Croatia Travel Co. to give others the opportunity to discover a country that we fell in love with.

Our top commitment is providing an outstanding personal service. We list only those tours that we ourselves would take and work with local people who are as dedicated and enthusiastic about travel and cycling as we are. We also have a great commitment to a local community and economy and work hard at providing environmentally friendly and sustainable travel options that will be of a lasting benefit to everyone involved.

Our Valuable Team Members

Germán Pino
Germán PinoCEO & Founder
Father & Entrepreneur, roadcycling fan, two times London to Paris finisher, i will lead the design of all experiences of the trip you are looking for.
Cristian Levy
Cristian LevyPartner
Father, Chilean & experienced on cycling, hiking & ski trips around the world, in charge of expanding croatiatravelco.com operations.