When I was asked as a child what I wanted to be I’d say that I don’t mind as long as it’s not boring. And it’s been all sorts of things but never boring.


I discovered the wonders of independent travel early and proceeded to spend most of my school holidays trawling the cities of Europe with a friend. Our journeys took us to many places and thought us many things, most of all the joys and perils of making our own decisions. We fortuitously landed in Berlin on the night of the legendary Roger Waters – The Wall gig following a collapse of the real one and decided to instead see the budding Sugarcubes in Prague. And we were picked up by a Turkish trucker who force-fed us feta cheese and watermelon for a couple of hundred kilometres, whilst blasting Italo disco and occasionally driving with no hands. He spoke Turkish and muttered some German and we spoke Croatian with a spattering of English and so it was a wonder that we reached our destination at all. It made me think of how useful it must be to be able to communicate one’s thoughts, how great it is to speak and write in the way that others can understand and appreciate.


My journalism studies put me on the right path but it was through many situations, people and places I encountered on my travels through Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia that I discovered a talent for facilitating communication and understanding across two languages. I became an interpreter and a translator and soon found myself wandering through the indefinitely varied world of language service industry. I worked in top security prisons, accompanied social workers to other countries, knew London’s police stations as the back of my hand and assessed Croatian language skills of British diplomats. And then I started writing. As Croatia once again opened up to the major stream of foreign tourists, the guide books were published, old guides and phrase books updated and there was an endless flow of reviews to be written on the beauty, variety and the many blessings of Croatia.


When I was asked by the brilliant crew behind the Croatia Travel Co. to write articles for their website and help them share their unique experiences and passion about Croatia with the world, immediately I said yes. It’s a great new adventure and we hope to be fun and informative and to bring you many wonderful opportunities to experience Croatia through their bespoke travel and cycling tours.


The world is discovering Croatia and Croatia is ready for the world. If I had a penny for every time someone had dreamily said “Croatia is such a beautiful country…” I’d be writing this blog sitting on a balmy sunshine, my terracotta terrace overlooking the turquoise sea of the Croatian coast.

Gorana Nađ was born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1971. Studied journalism at the Zagreb University, Faculty of Political Science. Having lived in Croatia, Australia and the UK, she now divides her time between Zagreb and London, working as a translator, conference interpreter and travel writer. Her past work includes articles for the Alistair Sawday’s Special Places Croatia, Thomas Cook Croatia and Europe by Rail publications. Loves discovering new places and friends and running with her son Max, age 5. Currently discovering all she never knew about road cycling and still not bored. Not one little bit.

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